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Dennis Kernast!


I am a Software Systems and Automation Engineer and Consultant working at Proces Support A/S in Denmark.

Dennis Kernast
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My Services

This is what I specialize in

During my professional career in IT I have worked with various technologies and methodologies in the last 20 years.

RPA Development

Robotic Process Automation development with UiPath

Automation Consulting

Improving business performance through digital transformation

Web Development

Backend development with focus on modern web technologies and TYPO3 CMS

Data Exchange

Connecting systems with use of APIs

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About Me

I work with computers since 1984. What started as a hobby lead to a passion and finally to a professional career in Information Technology for 20 years counting.

  • Name: Dennis Kernast
  • Residence: Flensburg, Germany
  • Work Place: Proces Support A/S, Denmark
  • Email: info@kernast.de




Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

Specialization on the Linux operating system, web development and structured system analysis


since 2022

Software Systems and Automation Engineer

Proces Support A/S, Denmark

Planning, development and maintenance of highly customized software management systems for projects in digitalisation and automation

2020 - 2022

Automation Consultant and RPA Developer

The Agency of Family Law, Denmark

Identification of business automation potentials, development and improvement of software bot processes with UiPath Studio and management of bots with UiPath Orchestrator


Robotic Process Automation Developer & Software Engineer

Proces Support A/S, Denmark

Automation of workflows with UiPath software bots and development of custom management systems


Backend Developer and Software Engineer

Confero Webbureau, Denmark

Focus on TYPO3 CMS and Magento E-Commerce setup and extension development


UiPath Studio
UiPath Orchestrator
RPA Solution Architecture
Structured System Analysis
API Usage and Development
Management System Development
Magento E-Commerce



UiPath Developer Diploma


UiPath Orchestrator Diploma


UiPath Solution Architect Diploma


Magento Solution Specialist

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